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If you want to be added, comment here.

If you want one of your journals taken off, comment here.

Once added, please comment on the contact info/filter post.

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Bold the ones you've read completely, italicize the ones you've read part of. Watching the movie or the cartoon doesn't count. Abridged versions don't count either. By the way, according to the BBC if you've read 7 of these, you are above the average.

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... idek.

Oct. 1st, 2009 02:10 am
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Stolen from... lots of people.

~*Ask Me Anything*~

Yep. Ask this real, flesh and blood person anything you want. With a slight tweeeest.

If you have any characters, they can participate too.

And/or ask my characters stuff.
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Did some flist cleaning.

If you can see this entry and I don't have you listed as a friend, please remove me.

Have a nice day/night/life/whatever.
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Stole this meme from [ profile] araphen. :V

- ask any of my characters a question. ask them anything you want.
- if they are from an au!world or a specific RP, it will be stated in the return comment title.
- feel free to ask them as your own character, if you want. either way, your question might be returned with one of their own, if they feel so inclined.
- it's totally encouraged for you to tag with your own character.

Unlocked for meme.

Cast list can be found over here. 8Db
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If you can see only this post and my friends only post, then I've cut you from my flist. It's probably pretty damn likely that it's nothing you did, just a lack of connection.

If you'd like to try again, I'd be more than willing to add you back as long as we still have something vaguely in common.

Thanks for understanding.


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